The handicraft business “Eterno” (artistic stone-cutting) produces local stone hand-made unique pieces.
It is our aim to transform an everyday object, the table, into a unique piece of furniture of high artistic value.
Cutting local stones, pebbles and travertine by hand, we obtain ever different sizes and colours and we arrange them in order to create figurative compositions partially following the preparatory drawings.
We use different stone-cutting techniques, depending on the object and the design we want to achieve.
Natural oxides give us the possibility of creating a wide range of colours suitable for multiform objects (leaves, flowers, stems, etc..).
The range of the products we are bringing onto Italian and foreign market is only the starting point for individualizing styles and perfecting workmanship.
For the future “Eterno” is going to increasingly certify its products and widen the range of its creations in order to make them “precious pieces of furniture”.
“Eterno” was awarded the regional seal of quality “MEA” (Seal of Handicraft Excellence).